2019 Water Fluency Program

A professional development course to help you understand water and lead with confidence

Water Fluency Program Format

The Water Fluency course offers immersion in the language of water as well as tools for navigating the culture, complexity, and future of water management and policy issues. Water intersects all issues that communities are facing. Water is crucial for the economy, tourism, public health, and the environment—but it isn’t always clear how the decisions made on water trickle down to affect other sectors.

Water Fluency is a comprehensive program which provides an opportunity for participants to learn about water through four in-person classroom discussion days; water-focused site visits; and online discussions and homework in between the classroom days.

Now in its fifth year, the Water Fluency Program has rotated around the state. This year we are bringing the program back to the Denver area. Course curriculum covers statewide water topics blended with local examples as we travel around the state. Participants from across Colorado will benefit from the content, not just participants from the class location area.

The Water Fluency Program focuses on:

  • Colorado’s water resources: the role of water in society, the economic value of water, ties to public policy, emerging issues
  • Legal and institutional frameworks: water law and administration, project planning and approval, interbasin projects and agreements
  • Water resource management: watershed health, environmental protection, water quality, natural disasters
  • Colorado water for the future: assessing supply and meeting demand, ecosystem values, conservation and land use, alignment of resources and policies

2019 Water Fluency Program Schedule

July 22-23 in Thornton
August 28 in Aurora
September 24 in Littleton

Water Fluency Program Participants

The Water Fluency Program is designed so anyone who is interested in learning more about water can participate. There will be pre-session homework that will bring someone coming from any knowledge level up to speed and prepared to engage in the classroom discussion portions. While anyone can participate in this program, the typical participant is someone who is involved with making decisions about water, but that does not have a basic background of the complexities of water in Colorado to feel comfortable making those decisions. Examples of past participants are city/county staff, elected officials, someone new to Colorado water but has worked in water in other states, a water professional who has been promoted into a position with decision making responsibilities but never had formal water education/training, interested community members, business leaders, special districts staff and more! If you are questioning if this program is for you, please give us a call and we can help you decide.

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