2021 Water Fluency Scholarship Application

Submit your scholarship application information below. All applications require approval. Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to a web page where you can complete the registration process.
This event has only 11 space(s) left. If you continue and register more than 11 people (including yourself ), the whole group will be wait listed. Or, you can reduce the number of people you are registering to 11 to avoid being put on the waiting list.

Members of the Special District Association may be eligible for a 75% scholarship. Additional scholarships may be available from program partners. Scholarships for Water Fluency are competitive, and applicants are not guaranteed to receive a scholarship. Priority will be given to public officials and non-profit employees.

Scholarships will be awarded by May 21. If you are awarded a scholarship, you are automatically enrolled into the program and your portion of the tuition will be due at that time (if you receive a 75% scholarship, your portion will be $348.75). If you do not receive a scholarship, you may register at full cost if spots are still available.

To secure a seat regardless of scholarship approval, you must do two things: (1) Apply for a scholarship on this page AND (2) register for full tuition here and mark "payment by check." If you do not receive a scholarship, you will have the option to pay full tuition or cancel this registration.

Water Fluency Scholarship Application

In which of Colorado's major river basins do you reside?

Tell us a little about yourself. Are you a....