Winter 2015: Colorado’s Water Plan

Winter 2015 - Colorado's Water Plan

Efforts to develop a state roadmap for water have been long and hard. As of December 2014, Coloradans have a draft water plan, outlining our collective priorities and plans for managing our most precious resource, looking out to 2050. Read this issue to explore the Then, Now and Next of the water plan—how severe drought, competing demands, changing demographics and a governor’s order culminated in this draft; how far did we get by late 2014; and even after the first plan is finalized in 2015, how much work remains to ensure success. Flip through or download the issue here

Colorado’s Water Plan Now: Where we landed at the close of 2014

By Nelson Harvey

With a mere 18 months to pull it together, the first draft of the plan was delivered in late 2014…just how far did we get?

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