2020 Denver Urban Water Cycle Tour

Learn-Cycle-Share (Virtually!)

This year’s Urban Water Cycle Tour is going virtual! Start by watching a video of the tour route and speakers. Then, spend the day riding from Barnum Park along Weir Gulch to Globeville Landing on the South Platte River. The tour is open to the public and free.

Watch the Tour:

By watching the virtual tour, you will learn that when we reclaim waterways floodwaters are controlled, water quality improves, and nature moves back in. We’ll start at Weir Gulch a tributary of the South Platte River and learn from civic leaders, scientists, engineers, planners and water managers how waterways have been reclaimed, are continuing to be protected, and exciting plans for future areas to be reclaimed. You can explore the route at your own pace either watching the video before you go or downloading the video and the route map to your smartphone or tablet, taking it with you on your bike and watching the video at each stop. We highly encourage you to get out on your bike and connect to your water.

Tour Route:


This roughly 6-mile ride starts along Weir Gulch. The route continues to the confluence of Weir Gulch with the South Platte River where El Laboratorio is connecting the people of Denver with the people of San Luis, Mexico, where the Colorado River meets the Pacific Ocean. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will share their work to keep stormwater clean. At Shoemaker Plaza, Metro DNA and the Greenway Foundation talk about their efforts to reclaim the South Platte River. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDPHE) talks about E. coli at one of Denver’s stormwater structures. The route ends at Globeville Landing Park where habitat, water quality and flood control improvements have created a gathering place for people and wildlife. Download a map to take it with you while you ride. You can also find a more detailed route map here.

We recommend a helmet, sunscreen and water. This year we are offering prizes to everyone who finishes the tour and sends us their contact information. For more information on the tour visit www.barr-milton.org or email amy.conklin@comcast.net.

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