Fires Forests and Watershed Health

Aired June 26, 2018
Forest fires have been growing in intensity, frequency and cost across Colorado and the West. What do those fires mean for our watersheds, water supplies, and the millions of water users across the state? And how do we fund the fire treatment work that will maintain healthy forests and reduce the risk to our watersheds? Listen to this recording of our June 26, 2018 webinar to answer these questions and more. We discuss the funding challenges posed by increased fire incidence, as well as the partnerships and creative funding strategies that could help Colorado build healthier forests, watersheds, and more water-secure communities.

With speakers:

  • Steve Lohr, U.S. Forest Service
  • Rob Addington, The Nature Conservancy
  • Ellen Roberts, Colorado State Forest Service consultant, former state senator, and past chair of the Colorado legislature’s Wildfire Matters and Water Resources committees
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