The Process Based Restoration PBR Umbrella – Book Club Webinar

Aired September 12, 2023 

We hear a lot about the benefits of beavers in stream restoration, but Colorado’s riparian systems are complex and there are many different tools in the restoration toolbox.

During this webinar, we hear about Process-Based Restoration (PBR) and to explore on-the-ground projects that represent opposite ends of the PBR spectrum, from “low tech” to “high tech,” and why these different approaches are appropriate in different scenarios. 

Water Education Colorado (WEco) joined Coalitions & Collaboratives (COCO) & Colorado Riparian Association (CRA) to co-host this webinar, which is the second Colorado Stream Restoration Network (CSRN) Riparian Book Club meeting.
This webinar will build from the first Riparian Book Club on pivotal scientific papers on PBR to present the process-based restoration umbrella graphic included in the Summer 2023 issue of WEco’s Headwaters magazine and share case studies representing both ends of the PBR spectrum.



With speakers:
Julie Ash, Stillwater Sciences
Hally Strevey, Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed
Colin Barry, Ayres Associates
Eric Richer, Colorado Parks & Wildlife
Johannes Beeby, Stillwater Sciences

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