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Water Educator Network Directory - Megan Maiolo-Heath

Megan Maiolo-Heath
Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed
Fort Collins
Programs by River Basin
South Platte
Program Audience Type
K-12 Students, K-12 Educators/Professionals, Higher Education Students, Higher Education Educators/Professionals, Elected Officials, Regional Stakeholders, Water Professionals, General Public, Recreationists, Agricultural Producers and Professionals, Landowners, Business/Industry/Real Estate, Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Groups
Programs Offered
Community Presentations, Classroom Presentations, K-12 Curriculum, Youth Field Trips, Water Festivals, Family Events, Tours, Publications/Printed Materials, Online Resources or E-Courses, Adult Leadership Development, Internships, Volunteer Opportunities
Program Topics
Basic Colorado Water 101, Local River Basin Overview, Climate and Water, Hydrology, Water Quality, Watershed and River Health, Water Supply, Water Administration/Management, Water Law and Policy, Water in Agriculture, Water and Recreation, Community Engagement, Colorado Academic Standards
Project WET
Program Languages
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