Water keeps Colorado running


That’s how much higher Colorado’s snowpack is this year than last.

The deep snow has raised the risk of avalanche.

But it also means Colorado’s parched landscapes and shrinking reservoirs will get a break from a drought that’s pushing 19 years in length.


of Colorado’s water is used for agriculture. But up to 33% of irrigated farms could dry up.

Water controls our food supply.

Farmers need suitable water sources to irrigate their farms. But growing cities are looking for water, too. By 2050, Colorado could lose 500,000-700,00 acres of currently irrigated farmland to meet the demands of municipal growth.


states and the Republic of Mexico share rivers that begin in Colorado.

9 interstate compacts determine how that water is shared.

Learn how state administrators work with water users to meet the terms of these legal agreements.


of Coloradans drink water that flows out of national forest land – and forest fires threaten that water.

Forest, fire and water are inextricably linked.

Ash, nutrients and sediment pollute water after fires. Wildfires are a reality for those living in the West, but the impact on the landscape lingers long after the smoke is gone.

We ensure a better future for Colorado through water education.

UPCOMING Event June 5: Equity in Water Education

Seeking to engage more diverse audiences? Then join Water Education Colorado’s Water Educator Network as we discuss the work required to develop and sustain just and equitable water education programs that foster authentic engagement of all Coloradans. We will learn tools and techniques to evaluate our own programs, explore success stories, and use our shared learning to identify potential changes to our individual program plans.

Facilitated by experienced equity consultant, Amber K. Kim, Ph.D., and featuring an inspiring range of speakers from within and outside WEN. Jorge Figueroa, El Laboratorio Director and Principal and WEco board member, will provide the lunch keynote.

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