Water keeps Colorado running


Thousand dollars

That’s what two Gunnison Basin river agencies are spending on drought contingency efforts

thanks, in part, to recently announced U.S. Bureau of Reclamation grant awards, providing nearly $350,000 in federal funds

$47 B

is generated by Colorado agriculture each year

But the future is one of less water. How is agriculture using water more judiciously?


states and the Republic of Mexico share rivers that begin in Colorado.

9 interstate compacts determine how that water is shared.

Learn how water is shared and administered among states.



of Coloradans drink water that flows out of national forest land – and forest fires threaten that water.

Forest, fire and water are inextricably linked.

Ash, nutrients and sediment pollute water after fires. Wildfires are a reality for those living in the West, but the impact on the landscape lingers long after the smoke is gone.

We ensure a better future for Colorado through water education.

Water Law 101 Webinar, October 5, 12-1:30 p.m.

We’ve partnered with the Colorado Municipal League to bring you this Water Law 101 webinar, with a focus on providing Colorado’s municipal elected officials and managers with a foundation for better understanding the laws that encapsulate the water discussions happening in Colorado today, and how they are applied to water across the state.
Attendees will hear from Eric Potyondy, water attorney and Fort Collins assistant city attorney, and Susan Ryan, Holland and Hart of counsel who advises on water law. 
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