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When you join WEco, you become a part of a diverse and active community of members committed to managing Colorado’s water for a wide range of uses and values. You make our work possible!

Introducing our PULSE Partners monthly membership option for individuals!

WEco is excited to offer a new monthly membership payment option, starting at just $6 a month for individuals. Click the buttons above for details about each level of membership. Annual membership plans are required for organizational memberships. 

A portion of your contribution is tax-deductible, in accordance with state and federal laws.

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Member Testimonials

“I think it’s important to have quality, unbiased information about water available both to the water community but also to the greater state of Colorado. To the extent that WEco is figuring out how to broaden the tent of people who understand and care about water, that’s worth supporting.” – Melinda Kassen, Individual WEco member since 2018



“The interface with water and mining is critical, especially here on the Front Range…That’s what started drawing me toward WEco. That’s when we made the decision to support financially the mission of WECo…There’s a lack of understanding of the complexities of water, and how closely linked it is to the future of our state.” –Varra Companies, Headwaters member since 2016



“Colorado is at the forefront of water innovation and education. Utah doesn’t have a water education publication like Headwaters magazine….There is no question that the information I got from your articles has been influential in the policy decisions being made here.” – Jody Williams, WEco’s longest-standing Individual Member all the way from Utah (since 2003)

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