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The Water Education Colorado community of committed members helps sustain our critical education work as a nonprofit. Your member dues and donations ensure a vibrant future for Colorado by funding:

  • Education: Approachable programming and balanced reporting to distill complex water issues
  • Leadership: Key training for elected officials, community leaders and water professionals to advance solutions for the greater good
  • Outreach: Public communications and information sharing to build a more water-aware Colorado

In addition to supporting our educational mission, all WEco members receive:

  • Annual subscription to Headwaters magazine, so you’re tapped in to major water issues
  • Email newsletters about water news and happenings relevant to you
  • Discounts and special member access to publications and statewide events
  • Networking opportunities with leading professionals in the water sector
  • Recognition of your support in Water Education Colorado’s annual report

Water Education Colorado offers multiple levels of support for individual members, starting at just $50, as well as organizations, starting at $250. Click the buttons above to learn more about the benefits for each level of membership. A portion of your contribution is tax-deductible, in accordance with state and federal laws.

What members have to say about Water Education Colorado:

“To meet Colorado’s water challenges, education must be a key part of the solutions.”
“Water Education Colorado plays an important role in educating the general public, educators, water professionals, people who work outside of the water world, and policy and decision makers about the importance, value and the many and varied roles that water plays in our lives.”