Water Fluency

Lead with confidence

The WEco Water Fluency Program is a professional development course designed for anyone interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of Colorado water management and protection. This includes non-water professionals in leadership roles intersecting with water, as well as water professionals who are newer to the field or the state of Colorado or who want to gain a broader view of the issues beyond their unique niche. Past participants have included elected officials, city/county staff, community and business leaders, special districts staff, board members for water organizations, educators, and more.

Water is critical for every aspect of community vibrancy — from industry and commerce to agriculture, tourism, health and environment. But it isn’t always clear how water policy and management decisions trickle down to other sectors. Developing tools for navigating water management and policy issues, Water Fluency graduates take the language of water into their fields to lead with new confidence.

Registration is now closed for the 2024 Water Fluency program, the program overview can be found here.

What participants are saying:

“The virtual class effectively delivered an amazing curriculum on a vast and varied topic. This education was a door opening experience to a much wider world than I had imagined. Thank you!”

“The broad-based education & knowledge gained was truly enlightening. From headwaters, aquifers, etc. to the end user, water is much more complex than many of us ever knew.  My understanding and respect level for those in the biz is now through the roof.”

“I would rank the quality and effectiveness of material and instructors in this Water Fluency program higher than many of the academic courses I have taken because of its incredible real-world relevance, direct engagement with active professionals in their field, and connection to critical extremely relevant materials through our homework that directly tied to the subject material at hand.”

“Incredibly comprehensive, the best speakers you could ask for, and high quality presentations and coordination.”

“Whether you need to learn about water rights, production processes or stream health, or looking to become better acquainted with the myriad water organizations throughout the state of Colorado, the Water Fluency class is the place to start.”


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