More valuable ways to show your support

We can’t give enough acknowledgment to our sponsors, who help make Water Education Colorado’s valuable programming possible and keep registration costs low.

It’s easy to get involved and connect with the vast WEco community. Our publications and programs reach a diverse audience, including water professionals, community and business leaders, local and state elected officials, agricultural organizations, environmental organizations, industry groups and interested citizens.

Highlight your organization’s commitment to advancing water awareness and informed decision-making by plugging in to one of many sponsorship opportunities at Water Education Colorado. Contact development coordinator Alicia Prescott to express your interest in any of the following:

Headwaters magazine – October 2018, February 2019 or June 2019

President’s Reception – May 2019

Water Fluency – 2019

Water Leaders – 2018 or 2019

Citizen’s Guides – Check for upcoming guides

Annual Basin Tour – June 2019

5th Anniversary Flood Tour – September 2018

Water Educator Network events – Ongoing

Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference – October 2019

Click here for our full 2018 Program Menu and to explore how your organization can make a difference today.