Volunteer with WEco

Contribute in ways that matter to you

Each year, new and returning volunteers help Water Education Colorado spread water awareness to far parts of the state. In 2023 alone, WEco enjoyed the community support of over 150 volunteers, and we’re excited to see how — together — we can raise the collective water knowledge in a place we are all lucky to call home.

We do not take the work of our dedicated volunteers lightly. Water leaders and citizens concerned about this limited resource are a powerful voice for helping our organization create a scaleable, lasting impact in Colorado.

At this time we are not taking new volunteer applications. Please contact us at info@wateredco.org if you have a unique opportunity to share with us on a volunteer basis. In past years, we have enjoyed working with volunteers in the following areas:

Contributors: Share your expertise as a blog contributor, speaker or peer reviewer for publications.

Workshop-ers: Tours and workshops rotate around the state and extra hands on deck from local supporters is greatly appreciated.

Ambassadors: As a WEco ambassador, share materials and information in your community.

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