Collective impact for water education 

The Water Educator Network (WEN) supports and connects Colorado’s education and outreach professionals dedicated to advancing understanding about water. Through the WEN website, Google group, workshops and webinars, education and outreach professionals interact, share resources, gain access to professional development opportunities and trusted water information, and collaborate with their colleagues.

Upcoming events

Please save the dates: June 5 and 6 for our:

  • 2019 Water Educator Network Symposium (June 5) and
  • Project WET Educator Training (June 6)

Location: TBD, Jefferson County, Colorado. 

Day 1: Water Educator Network Symposium (June 5) – Equity in Water Education

The proposed focus of our 2019 Symposium is to identify the work required to develop and sustain just and equitable water education programs in order to foster authentic engagement of all Coloradans regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical/mental ability, or native language.  We will learn tools and techniques to evaluate our own program, explore success stories, and use our shared learning to identify potential changes to our individual program plans. 

 Additional time will be available for afternoon break-out and work sessions to be determined by Water Educator Network members.

Day 2: Project WET Educator Training (June 6)

Have some fun with fellow educators and get trained on the Project WET curriculum!  Participants will get a chance to practice teaching water-related activities to fellow participants.  You will leave being able to implement a collection of hands-on, engaging and interdisciplinary K-12 lessons and water-related activities in your own learning environment.

Recent Events

We offered a webinar on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, focused on Colorado’s new state standards and opportunities to connect environmental and water education. You can view the live webinar recording here.

Who we are

We are a force of water education and outreach professionals across the state, from professors, researchers and formal teachers to local government employees, water utility professionals and nonprofit outreach coordinators, who are enhancing the amount, quality and effectiveness of water education throughout Colorado. Working locally but with a collective aim, we’re moving the needle on water awareness and understanding across the state. Won’t you join us?

Valuable benefits for WEN members

WEN membership is a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate, and stay up-to-date in the evolving industry of water education.

As a member of WEco’s Water Educator Network, you’ll receive all the benefits of an individual WEco membership, plus specially designed educator resources. Here are just some of the advantages of joining:

  • Discounts on All Water Educator Network Events: Four workshops, two webinars and an annual symposium are coordinated each year as part of the Water Educator Network. These events are geared toward educators and focus on a wide range of water-related topics that are important to members.
  • Opportunities for Networking and Collaboration: Water Education Colorado convenes frequent events, bringing together a statewide group of water educators. Gather to discuss needs, successes and challenges, and to explore partnerships with a dedicated group of peers.
  • Customized Communication: A customized bi-monthly e-newsletter brings water educators and outreach professionals the latest in Colorado water education and outreach. Look for content on training opportunities, upcoming funding, and new programs. Members have the opportunity to share content via the WEN e-newsletter and the WEN Google group.

Members submit your upcoming events and happenings for consideration in WEco and WEN electronic print materials.

We Connect Colorado's Water Education and Outreach Community.

As a member of WEco’s Water Educator Network, you’ll receive all the benefits of an individual membership plus additional benefits specifically designed to fit a Colorado water educator’s needs.