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Water Education Colorado offers informative webinars on both trends and niches in water research, conservation, industry and more.

Past webinar topics have ranged from aquatic nuisance species to alternative transfer methods to transbasin diversions to agriculture and water scarcity. To hear recordings of past webinars or to register for an upcoming webinar, click on your topic of choice below.

One Water Demystified

AIred February 21, 2024 

The One Water movement promises to make communities more resilient and livable with wide-ranging goals. But what really is One Water and what is it not? How does a community adopt a One Water approach and what can they learn from existing One Water work?  

During this webinar we seek to better define One Water and hear from those who are putting One Water principles to the test in Denver and Aspen. We’ll also learn about the new One Water Cities guidance and assessment framework published by the Water Research Foundation and other resources available to those interested in becoming One Water communities and those interested in gauging their progress on the road to One Water. Stay tuned for the recording!

With speakers:
Mazdak Arabi, One Water Solutions Institute
Steve Hunter, City of Aspen
Dave Jula, City and County of Denver
John Rehring, Carollo Engineers

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Three Ages of Water Author Talk – Peter Gleick

Held October 26th, 2023

Join Peter Gleick from the Pacific Institute as he discusses his book, the Three Ages of Water. In this talk, Peter discusses how humans developed our modern water management and treatment systems, how our decisions have impacted the environment, and paints a picture of a hopeful future of water management and sustainability.

Following his talk, Peter has a fireside chat with his colleague Shannon Spurlock, and then opens the discussion up to a Q&A.



With speakers:
Peter Gleick, The Pacific Institute
Shannon Spurlock, The Pacific Institute

The Process Based Restoration PBR Umbrella – Book Club Webinar

Aired September 12, 2023 

We hear a lot about the benefits of beavers in stream restoration, but Colorado’s riparian systems are complex and there are many different tools in the restoration toolbox.

During this webinar, we hear about Process-Based Restoration (PBR) and to explore on-the-ground projects that represent opposite ends of the PBR spectrum, from “low tech” to “high tech,” and why these different approaches are appropriate in different scenarios. 

Water Education Colorado (WEco) joined Coalitions & Collaboratives (COCO) & Colorado Riparian Association (CRA) to co-host this webinar, which is the second Colorado Stream Restoration Network (CSRN) Riparian Book Club meeting.
This webinar will build from the first Riparian Book Club on pivotal scientific papers on PBR to present the process-based restoration umbrella graphic included in the Summer 2023 issue of WEco’s Headwaters magazine and share case studies representing both ends of the PBR spectrum.



With speakers:
Julie Ash, Stillwater Sciences
Hally Strevey, Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed
Colin Barry, Ayres Associates
Eric Richer, Colorado Parks & Wildlife
Johannes Beeby, Stillwater Sciences

The Colorado Water Plan in Action

Aired June 28, 2023 

The update to the Colorado Water Plan, published earlier this year, relies on people across the state to get things done and implement it. What sort of work fits in with the plan? What support is there to get this work done? And what projects have already been successful in advancing the goals of the plan?

During this webinar, we hear about action areas in the plan, how those overlap with funding opportunities, and we take a look at a variety of on-the-ground projects around the state.

With speakers:
Russ Sands, Colorado Water Conservation Board
Daniel Boyes, Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project
Scott Lorenz, Colorado Springs Utilities
Lisa Darling, South Metro Water Supply Authority

The 2023 Colorado Water Plan | What’s in it for Educators?

Aired May 10th, 2023

Our first Water Educator Network webinar of the year! During the webinar, we heard from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) about the Education and Outreach priorities identified in the 2023 Colorado Water Plan and the funding streams and grant opportunities available to complete this necessary work.

Grant applications are due in June and July 2023, so act fast! 

With Speakers:
Russ Sands – Section Chief, Water Supply Planning
Jackie Daoust – Regional Water Plan Grant Manager for the Metro, South, & North Platte | Colorado Water Conservation Board
Elizabeth Schoder – Water Planning & Community Outreach Specialist | Colorado Water Conservation Board
Ben Wade – Project Manager, Water Supply Planning | Colorado Water Conservation Board 


The Upper Colorado and San Juan rivers endangered fish recovery programs: What’s at stake as reauthorization looms?

Aired February 8, 2023

During this webinar on the Upper Colorado and San Juan rivers endangered fish recovery programs we hear what the programs are, what they accomplish, and, with reauthorization looming, how negotiations and legislation look to keep the programs running and funded.

With speakers:
Julie Stahli, Director, Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program
Michelle Garrison, Water Resources Specialist, Colorado Water Conservation
Bart Miller, Water Program Director, Western Resource Advocates
Steve Wolff, General Manager, Southwestern Water Conservation District

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