Coming together for Colorado’s most valuable resource

Each year, Water Education Colorado partners with the Colorado Riparian Association and the Colorado Watershed Assembly to produce the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference. Intended to expand cooperation and collaboration throughout Colorado in natural resource conservation, protection and enhancement, this event engages participants through discussions on emerging water issues, innovative projects, and an invaluable networking setting.

Save the date for the 2024 conference — Oct. 7-10 in Avon, Colorado.

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Past conferences

2022 Conference: “Bridging Connections: Learning from the Past, Investing in the Future”

Sustaining Colorado Watersheds 2022 Conference Banner

In 2022, we drew on connections between past, present and future. We inherit the systems and legacies of the past, for better or worse. We refer to past conditions and reference points as we look to the future we want to see. What do we maintain, what can we build from, and what do we have to “fix”?

Access presentations and recordings from the 2022 conference at the conference site hosted by the Colorado Watershed Assembly.

View 2022 recordings

2021 Conference: “Together Like Never Before”

The 2021 conference theme, “Together Like Never Before,” was a celebration of the opportunity to physically re-convene, bringing all that we had learned through our shared experiences weathering a pandemic and significant political upheaval. It allowed us to take a look at what could be possible as we re-shape our thinking and our approaches to working together, with new voices at the table, in the time ahead.

Access presentations and recordings from the 2021 conference at the conference site hosted by the Colorado Watershed Assembly.

View 2021 recordings

2020 Conference: “Business as (Un)Usual”

The 2020 conference was held fully virtually with great participation.

View 2020 recordings

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