Recognized as the premier professional development course for the water community in Colorado, WEco’s Water Leaders Program aims to positively impact the profession by creating a pipeline of knowledgeable, skilled water leaders across diverse fields.

Water Education Colorado defines a leader as someone who is dedicated to advancing the greater good of water in Colorado. A leader recognizes the value of collaboration and respect for others, and is open to diverse perspectives.

Water Leaders Program Overview

Since 2006, in partnership with Cheryl Benedict of MORF Consulting, Water Leaders has continued to evolve by covering the latest water issues and employing advanced development tools to train water professionals across the state on becoming more effective leaders capable of navigating the complex world of Colorado water.

The overarching themes and objectives of the program remain consistent from year to year. We explore topics such as Myself as a Leader, Navigating Change, Creative Problem Solving, Constructive Conflict and Communication, and Building a Community of Practice. In the past couple of years we have added a focus on personal development in response to the ever-present work-life balance challenges that most professionals juggle on a daily basis. We are excited to see how this component has helped participants not only grow in their professional lives, but that the personal aspects of their lives become more fulfilling and effective as well!

What recent graduates are saying

“The issue of water in Colorado is very complex, and the Water Leaders Program will continue to pay dividends down the road as alumni continue moving into positions of higher leadership. The training and relationships will help us come together to tackle these problems in the future.”

“This is an amazing program with incredible foresight. While the goal is developing future water leaders, as important are the connections that are created among diverse participants. This connection, along with the feeling of responsibility that comes from the selective process of the program, sets an incredible foundation for conversation and collaboration statewide on the future of water in Colorado.”


Water Leaders alumni form an active group that engages in networking events and regular ongoing leadership offerings. Click here for a full list of Water Leaders Program alumni.

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Please email Stephanie Scott with any questions about the Water Leaders Program or call 303-377-4433.