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Taking leaders to the next level

Recognized as the premier leadership development program for the water community in Colorado, WEco’s Water Leaders Program aims to positively impact the Colorado water profession by creating a pipeline of dedicated, effective water leaders across diverse fields who exemplify the four quadrants of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social management.

Applications for the 2023 program are now closed. Applications for 2024 will open in November 2023.

2023 Program Schedule

Session 1: April 27-28, 2023, Silverthorne
Session 2: June 15-16, 2023, Redstone (Note: The Session 2 dates are updated from what was originally posted.)
Session 3: Aug. 24-25, 2023, Steamboat
Session 4: Oct. 19-20, 2023, Denver

In addition to the above in-person training sessions, we will also hold three virtual inter-session check ins:

Check-in 1: June 1, 2023 10:00-12:00pm
Check-in 2: July 20, 2023 10:00-12:00pm
Check-in 3: Sep.14, 2023 10:00-12:00pm

Water Leaders Program overview

Since 2006, Water Education Colorado has trained 222 water sector professionals through the Water Leaders Program. The program continues to evolve to include the most advanced development tools that help people who have already demonstrated a tremendous commitment to water become more effective and capable in charting the path forward toward innovative and collaborative water solutions in an increasingly complex environment.

The overarching themes and objectives of the program remain consistent from year to year. We explore topics such as understanding yourself as a leader, developing your leadership style, building more effective teams, navigating conflict, change management, managing your energy, and designing your leadership legacy. We also focus on personal development in response to the ever-present work-life balance challenges that most professionals juggle on a daily basis. This component has helped participants experience increased effectiveness and fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives.

What recent graduates are saying

“The Water Leaders Program has opened my eyes to what it takes to be a successful leader and to navigate complex interpersonal communications and relationships in a productive and positive manner.”

“There is something special about receiving feedback from peers in your industry that you do not work directly with. I was able to bounce ideas off of them and get meaningful feedback.”

– Alumni

Water Leaders alumni form an active group that engages in networking events and regular ongoing leadership offerings. View a full list of Water Leaders Program alumni.

Learn more

Have more questions about Water Leaders? Please contact Programs Director Sabrina White.


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