Fall 2023: One Water

The One Water Issue

In Colorado and across the country, One Water approaches and full-on One Water plans are taking shape as communities embrace a more holistic view of water resources management. Goals are wide-ranging, from increased water supply to water quality improvement, recreational opportunity, even economic equity. To succeed, One Water requires a new governance culture of increased communication across historically siloed entitles, with an eye toward maximizing the benefits of the urban water cycle through multi-purpose projects. The 2023 Colorado Water Plan calls for all communities statewide to embrace a One Water ethic. But with only one official One Water plan published to date in Colorado, many still haven’t heard of One Water, while others are systematically breaking down barriers that pave the way for more One Water actions in the future. View a flipbook of the issue or read articles below. 

One Water, Demystified

October 2023 by Kelly Bastone

The One Water movement promises to make communities more liveable and resilient. But what really is One Water, and what is it not? A handful of enterprising Colorado communities are putting One Water to the test.

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Denver Adopts One Water
October 18, 2023 by Olivia Emmer
Denver’s One Water Plan launched in 2021 as the first official One Water plan in Colorado. The plan unites leaders who manage water, land use, local government, and other resources across the city with a shared vision and common roadmap for a host of water-related outcomes.
Connecting Every Drop
by Elizabeth Miller
Researchers, water managers, and entire cities are implementing pilot projects, collecting data, and surmounting legal barriers that could make it easier for everyone around the state to put One Water projects into action.

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