Spring 2024: The Snow Issue

The Snow Issue - From Fall to Flow

Each year, all eyes fall on Colorado’s snowpack, the state’s largest “reservoir,” as irrigators, boaters, utility managers, and others wonder how that snow will translate into summer streamflows. As the climate has become more variable, the amount of snow that falls and the accuracy of such forecasts are more critical than ever, leading to a renaissance in new data, modeling, and research, and a surge in cloud seeding. These hands-on efforts should help Coloradans really know their snow! View a flipbook of the issue or read articles below. 

Understanding Snow

May 2024 by Kelly Bastone

Scientists and water managers are gaining new insights into the factors influencing snow accumulation, and also finding better ways to measure it. The aim is improved runoff forecasting and ultimately better, more precise water management.

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The Mystery Of The Disappearing Snowpack
May 9, 2024 by Allen Best
Runoff forecasts don’t always match reality, and big snow years can yield low streamflows. What’s causing the gap between deep winter snows and low summer flows? (Hint! Many factors are at play, but weather is key.)
Let It Snow
by Elizabeth Miller
Coloradans and downstream states take matters into their own hands with cloud seeding, a weather modification effort to boost snowfall.
Snowpack Pros
May 14, 2024 by Kelly Bastone
How three water managers are using snowpack data to make smarter decisions.
Beyond Powder
May 9, 2024 by Shannon Mullane
As Colorado ski resorts gear up for a warmer future with more snowmaking, Eldora hopes to expand reservoir storage.
Getting Clarity
by Jerd Smith
The Colorado health department offers nearly $86 million to help small and disadvantaged Colorado communities remove PFAS from their drinking water.

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