Water ’22

It all starts here

Water Education Colorado spearheaded Water ’22, a year-long public awareness campaign and celebration of Colorado’s water that launched in January 2022 with a proclamation from Gov. Jared Polis, declaring 2022 the Year of Water.

Water ’22 was dedicated to the idea that “It all starts here.” It was about Coloradans from all corners of the state, and all walks of life, recognizing the value of water, and growing in understanding of how water connects all people, upstream and downstream, past, present and future.



Water Education Colorado and campaign partners implemented activities throughout the state, including volunteer days, expert talks, film screenings, a student water awareness week, a book club, and much more. Public relations strategies helped to get the word out widely to the general public via print, radio and television media outlets, and monthly public service announcements were released featuring celebrity voices speaking to why water matters to so many different aspects of our lives in Colorado. You can view all of the PSAs on YouTube. A highlight reel of the campaign is also available here

The campaign highlighted simple actions that anyone could take to conserve and protect Colorado water, and asked Coloradans to take the Water ’22 pledge to commit to “22 Ways to Care for Colorado Water in 2022.”

Visit the Water ’22 website to access resources and learn more about the campaign.

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