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Water Education Colorado offers informative webinars on both trends and niches in water research, conservation, industry and more.

Past webinar topics have ranged from aquatic nuisance species to alternative transfer methods to transbasin diversions to agriculture and water scarcity. To hear recordings of past webinars or to register for an upcoming webinar, click on your topic of choice below.

The Upper Colorado and San Juan rivers endangered fish recovery programs: What’s at stake as reauthorization looms?

Aired February 8, 2023

During this webinar on the Upper Colorado and San Juan rivers endangered fish recovery programs we hear what the programs are, what they accomplish, and, with reauthorization looming, how negotiations and legislation look to keep the programs running and funded.

With speakers:
Julie Stahli, Director, Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program
Michelle Garrison, Water Resources Specialist, Colorado Water Conservation
Bart Miller, Water Program Director, Western Resource Advocates
Steve Wolff, General Manager, Southwestern Water Conservation District

Soil Health and Water

Aired December 1, 2022

Explore the connection between soil health and water. During this webinar, we hear about the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s STAR (Saving Tomorrow’s Agricultural Resources) and STAR Plus programs and the resources they offer, research available on the connections between soil health and water quality and quantity, on-farm implementation of soil health practices, and the positive outcomes seen when tying soil health, watershed health, and ag production together.

With speakers:
Cindy Lair, Colorado Department of Agriculture
Lyn Halliday, Routt County Conservation District and Upper Yampa River Watershed Coordinator
Matt Heimerich, Farmer, member of the Water Education Colorado Board of Trustees and of the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District Board

Water Law 101

Aired October 5, 2022

Water Education Colorado and the Colorado Municipal League bring Colorado’s municipal elected officials and managers Water Law 101. In this webinar, attendees gain a foundation for better understanding the laws that encapsulate the water discussions happening in Colorado today and how they are applied to water across the state.

With speakers:
Eric Potyondy, water attorney and City of Fort Collins assistant city attorney
Susan Ryan, Holland and Hart

Colorado Ute Tribal Water Rights and Access

Aired June 9, 2022

Look at the past, present and desired water future of the Colorado Ute Tribes. During the webinar, we hear from tribal leaders along with those involved in negotiating the Colorado Ute Indian Water Rights Settlement Act and future Colorado River agreements involving the tribes.

With speakers:
Chairman Manuel Heart, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
Council Member Lorelei Cloud, Southern Ute Indian Tribe
Amy Ostdiek, Colorado Water Conservation Board
Mike Preston, Weenuch-u’ Development Corporation President
Scott McElroy, Retired – McElroy, Walker, Meyer and Condon, P.C.
Steve Wolff, Southwestern Water Conservation District (moderator)

Up Your Wildfire Resilience!

Resources, funding, programs and research to aid Colorado communities and watersheds

Aired February 1, 2022

Wildfires in Colorado have grown more frequent, intense, large and destructive and are projected to intensify and burn larger areas in the coming decades. They leave many people impacted and affect water quality, hydrology and entire communities. Join us to hear about new funding opportunities and frameworks to build more wildfire-ready watersheds and communities. We’ll also hear about locally-generated funding and initiatives at work and dive into some big-picture thinking around shared stewardship.


Time to Get Creative

Solving the municipal water challenges of serving a growing Front Range

Aired May 26, 2021

As the Colorado Front Range continues to see significant population growth, municipal water utilities are tasked with the challenge of managing and developing reliable water supplies to meet that anticipated growth. That job is becoming increasingly difficult with more limited water supplies, the hyper-escalation of water prices, the challenges of regulatory approval for new water projects, and the uncertainty of a changing climate. 

During this webinar, we hear a discussion between Adam Jokerst, who helps manage the water supply portfolio for the City of Greeley and Brett Bovee with WestWater Research. Watch to hear about about municipal water service to new developments, sources of water supply and storage, and the need for creativity as municipal providers look to continue their reliable water service to a growing customer base.

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