GeoDome: a Global Water Story Presentation Tomorrow

– Ka Chun Yu, Curator of Space Science, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Planetariums are typically used to study outer space.  However their interactive visualization capabilities are ideal for involving audiences in impactful discussions about earth systems and environmental science.  Join geologist Dr. Bob Raynolds and space scientist Dr. Ka Chun Yu as we turn our focus around to examine our home planet and start a conversation about local and global water issues, using the Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s immersive GeoDome display system.

Register now for a geodome presentation at Colorado Water Congress tomorrow, Wednesday January 25, to learn how geophysical processes impact water supplies around the globe. See how patterns evident in Asia and Africa can be related to those that affect us in North America. See how we all live on an interconnected globe with common threads influencing our water supplies. We will use interactive immersive visualizations to explain these planetary scale processes that affect global water distribution patterns.

We also use the visualization capabilities of the GeoDome to show what is involved in providing drinking water to residents of the arid American West. We discuss challenges that we all face in a warming world with changing precipitation patterns, and growing water demands.

Our presentation is designed to help trigger discussions about solutions that we can draw on from elsewhere in the world to help us with water supply issues here at home. We also encourage participants to consider how these innovative tools and programming can be brought to their own communities.

If you like what you see at Water Congress, work with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to bring the GeoDome and water presentation to your community as a celebration of Water 2012.

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