Quench the Landscape’s Thirst and Save Water


sprinkler (Photo credit: twelves)

Right now, Colorado is thirsty.

Cities are concerned about having enough for their residents. Farmers are upset over crops drying up and ranchers are trying to get water to thirsty cattle.

In the same year that the Governor has proclaimed as the Year of Water and July as Smart Irrigation Month, we also mark the 10-year anniversary of the severe drought of 2002.

It is time to be smart about water and increasingly, Coloradans are taking on the challenge.  During the 10 years since the drought, cities and water providers have called on residents to cut water use. Some areas have seen reductions as much as 20% — even amid population growth.

Coloradans conserve because it is the right thing to do and because it cuts our utility bills. But we also need the means to make this happen and we have the landscape industry to thank for many water-saving innovations—not the least of which is irrigation technology.
Here are two stellar examples of what landscape companies have done with smart irrigation technology to help their clients conserve landscape water:

In Colorado Springs, one landscape maintenance firm cut water use for a large homeowner’s association nearly in half in just one year (2009). Had the previous use pattern continued along with rising water costs, the HOA’s water bill would have hit $48,000 by the year 2016!

The turn-around came about by converting the sprinkler controllers (which tell the sprinkler system when and how long to water) to state–of-the art technology that is managed off site via the Internet.

Another landscape company helped the largest master-planned community in Northern Colorado cut water use more than 3 million gallons, and this is just the beginning of a multi-year conservation program.  Their upgrades also included smart irrigation technology and repairs that stopped water waste.  This firm was recognized with the top Excellence in Landscape Award for their efforts.

While these examples are on very large properties, the same water-saving principles apply to any landscape—small, medium or large.  Even a few drops down the drain on a small property is water Colorado can’t afford to lose.  Take advantage of July being Smart Irrigation Month to check out ways you can cut water use in your landscape by using sprinkler technology that is truly smart.

Courtesy Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, the professional organization of the landscape contracting industry that has about 700 member companies in six chapters statewide.  www.alcc.com

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