July is Smart Irrigation Month


Irrigation (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)

Are you interested in keeping your landscape green and beautiful in the face of potential water restrictions and the rising cost of water? It may be time to Get Smart about how you water your trees, gardens and lawns.

I am Lowell Kaufhold.  I work for CPS Distributors, Denver, and have been in Colorado’s landscape industry more than 30 years. In February, I reached out to the State of Colorado asking Governor Hickenlooper to proclaim July 2012 as Smart Irrigation Month for Colorado.  This is my first time applying for such a document and it was rewarding that by April, the governor supported this important initiative.  July is officially Smart Irrigation Month!

Why work to create awareness about smart irrigation?

It simply comes down to this.  As we all know here in Colorado, the availability of water will be more and more of an issue as time goes on.  For others like me in the landscape industry, it is very important that we be proactive to educate ourselves and then our neighbors about the best ways to conserve water.  July being Smart Irrigation Month gives us that opportunity.

So this month, I encourage you to combine your own common sense ideas with what you can learn about new irrigation technologies that can save water around your home or business.  Learn more about Smart Irrigation Month [www.smartirrigationmonth.org] and how you can become more savvy about saving water in the landscape.

And if you live in one of these cities, please congratulate them for being part of Smart Irrigation Month:  Colorado Springs, Boulder and Gillette, WY.

Water is precious in Colorado and drought is always looming.  Use July and Smart Irrigation Month as your opportunity to learn more about conserving water in your own landscape.  Here’s to a good month of getting smarter together!

Lowell Kaufold,  CPS Distributors


Courtesy Lowell Kaufold, and CPS Dsitributers, a member of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, the professional organization of the landscape contracting industry that has about 700 member companies in six chapters statewide.  www.alcc.com

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