Spring 2020: Pursuing Water Justice

The Environmental Justice Issue

Environmental justice is the concept that all people deserve a healthy and safe environment—including access to clean, safe water for drinking and enjoying. Yet that access is not a given, nor is equitable representation in making decisions that can impact water and health. But some communities and advocates are making change, and they share ideas for anyone who wants to help make water justice a reality. View or download a flipbook of the magazine here, read articles below, or read the Spanish translation.

When Water Justice is Absent, Communities Speak Up

March 23, 2020 by Laura Paskus and Caitlin Coleman

Across Colorado, spanning rural, urban and suburban areas, water isn’t always safe or nurturing, but it could be. Victims of environmental injustice are speaking up to reclaim their personal power, communities, and water.

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Plumbing Poverty
by Jason Plautz
For some households, simply getting water can be a barrier. Some 1.5 million Americans—that’s 463,649 households, or 0.39 percent of all households—live with incomplete plumbing.
Toolkit for Pursuing Water Justice
April 3, 2020 by Caitlin Coleman
Whether you’re looking to increase equity in your work, help a community suffering from an environmental justice issue, or hire a more diverse staff, there are tips for everyone.
Hiring Diverse Team Members
March 23, 2020 by Dana Strongin
Colorado water organizations share ideas and tips to bolster inclusive recruitment and retain workers.

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