Spring 2023: The Colorado Water Plan Update

The Water Plan Update Issue

Coloradans are working toward a sustainable water future. Released in January 2023, the updated Colorado Water Plan pairs a vision for the state’s optimal future with scenario planning and specific actions to get us there and to help manage risk. While much about the new state water plan is fresh, it includes years of stakeholder input and follows the work put into the 2015 water plan. So, what have we accomplished since the state’s first water plan? And where are we going next? View a flipbook of the issue or read articles below.

The Colorado Water Plan

April 2023 by Kelly Bastone

The Colorado Water Plan charts a path toward a more sustainable water future—but what is the water plan exactly? How does it work? And how are Coloradans already using it?

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Retrospective and Looking Forward
April 19, 2023 by Emily Payne
Colorado's first water plan forged a never-before-created roadmap for the state's water future while the 2023 water plan aims to move Coloradans toward more accountable action. Now, with the updated water plan in hand, state leaders reflect on the course the new plan is setting.
Your Role in Colorado’s Water Future
by Caitlin Coleman
The updated water plan includes a list of 50 actions to spur stakeholder involvement. Explore a selection of those and see how you can take action.

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