Sabrina Scherma Bio

Sabrina White's headshotSabrina Scherma is the Programs Director at Water Education Colorado and leads the Water Leaders, Water Fluency, and Basin Tour programs. Prior to that, she spent time working with the Colfax Community Network where she worked with underserved children and youth in Denver. Later, Sabrina worked at Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) as a Professional Research Assistant. At NFP, she served first-time mothers and developed guides to help them navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and raising their children. Sabrina then worked with Strategy With Rox as a Strategic Project Manager facilitating meetings, providing input on research, and managing project implementation.

Sabrina holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado Denver with a focus in Political Theory.

An avid musician, Sabrina enjoys spending evenings playing guitar and piano, and attending concerts around Denver.

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