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Thank you for being willing to participate in the Water ’22 Speakers Bureau! This list of water experts will include water educators and water professionals from across Colorado with an interest in presenting to a variety of community groups – locally, regionally, and/or across the state. The information you provide below will appear on the Speakers Bureau directory, which will be hosted by Water Education Colorado and linked to from the Water ’22 website.

Being a part of the Speakers Bureau means you are a resource in the water field, and those who are interested can call upon you for presentations. Once your name and contact information is posted and publicly available, you may be contacted with requests for presentations. WEco will not be involved in managing these requests or any travel involved, instead we welcome you to manage requests based on your availability, interest, level of comfort, etc.

Please contact water22@wateredco.org with any questions.

To be included in the Speakers Bureau and to help community members connect with you as a potential speaker, please complete the following fields.

Cropped Photo: Upload a JPG headshot below. Crop your photo as a close-up of your face with 1:1 square dimensions at a size of 400 x 400 pixels.

If you are unsure of how to crop your photo, you can use https://imageresizer.com and follow these steps: (1) Set Crop Ratio to 1:1, select area to crop. (2) Resize Image to 400 x 400 pixels. (3) Save as JPG. (4) Upload JPG below.

Please enter a brief biography. Bios are limited to 1000 characters including spaces. If you are copying and pasting a biography, please double-check to make sure your bio fits within the character limit.

WEco will use the email below to contact you about the Speakers Bureau.

WEco will use the phone number below to contact you about the Speakers Bureau.

The email below will be visible to the public in your Speakers Bureau profile.

The phone number below will be visible to the public in your Speakers Bureau profile. If you do not wish your phone number to be public, leave the field below blank.

What types of presentations are you comfortable providing as a member of the Speakers Bureau? Check all that apply.

All speakers should be prepared to give a basic presentation, for which Water ’22 will provide slides. Your profile can list additional areas of expertise on the following topics. If you are prepared to give your own presentations on these topics, check all that apply.

In which river basins are you willing to be a presenter? Check all that apply.

In what languages can you give your presentations? Check all that apply.


Would you or your organization be willing to pay for a language interpretation service for your presentation? Water '22 does not provide interpretation services, but you may use services of your own, such as the Community Language Cooperative.

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