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Water Educator Network Directory - Bethany Howell

Bethany Howell
Colorado Department of Agriculture
Programs by River Basin
Arkansas, Colorado, Gunnison, North Platte, Republican, Rio Grande, San Juan/Dolores/San Miguel, South Platte, Yampa/White/Green, Outside Colorado
Program Audience Type
K-12 Students, K-12 Educators/Professionals, Higher Education Students, Higher Education Educators/Professionals, Elected Officials, Regional Stakeholders, Water Professionals, General Public, Recreationists, Agricultural Producers and Professionals, Landowners, Business/Industry/Real Estate, Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Groups, Multigenerational Groups
Programs Offered
Community Presentations, Tours, Publications/Printed Materials, Internships
Program Topics
Basic Colorado Water 101, Colorado Water History, Local River Basin Overview, Climate and Water, Hydrology, Groundwater, Water Quality, Watershed and River Health, Wastewater, Stormwater, Water Supply, Water Administration/Management, Water Conservation, Water in Agriculture, Water and Recreation, Community Engagement
Project WET
Program Languages
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