In Brief: Colorado’s demand for canoes, kayaks and paddleboards going “insane”

Looking for a way to keep socially distant, stay cool and have fun, Coloradans are flocking to streams and buying more equipment than ever, according to this report in the Colorado Sun.

Paddleboard and raft makers said they lost tens of thousands of dollars in sales in March as the shutdown took hold, but they’ve been thrilled to see demand resurge with warm weather and the quest for stay-close-to-home fun.

Thor Tingey told the Sun his Mancos company, Alpacka Raft, has raced to adapt to a new work environment. “The last few weeks have been among the busiest in our history,” said Tingey, who has spread his workers across four buildings along the Mancos River to provide nearly 1,000 square feet of space per employee. “Since we are a build-to-order operation, it’s been quite the challenge to manage the higher sales volume — and I’m not complaining. We are thrilled to be back to work.”

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