Aquatic Nuisance Species: The Threat and Solutions

Aired October 24, 2017
The threat of aquatic nuisance species, specifically zebra and quagga mussels, continues to be a hot topic for the water community, but we need to reach beyond our own network when communicating about this looming threat to our pristine waterways. Watch this webinar, brought to you in partnership by the Colorado Water Congress and Water Education Colorado, to learn about the threat these invasive mussels pose, and how Colorado is working to educate the public and our policymakers so we can maintain healthy waterways and infrastructure.

Learn from experts:

  • Mike Preston, Dolores Water Conservancy District
  • Ken Curtis, Dolores Water Conservancy District
  • Doug Vilsack, Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Doug Krieger, Colorado Department of Natural Resources
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