Are you Involved in Colorado’s Water Future?

By Kristin Maharg, Colorado Foundation for Water Education Program Manager

On February 19, 2014, attendees explored the role of public input in planning for Colorado's water future at CFWE's Annual Legislative Lunch

On February 19, 2014, attendees explored the role of public input in planning for Colorado’s water future at CFWE’s Annual Legislative Lunch

“Water is essential to Colorado’s quality of life and economy, yet we face an uncertain future.” So goes the opening line on a newsletter for Colorado’s Water Plan, which may come as an intimidating challenge to you. We often take for granted a reliable supply of clean water for food, rivers and cities and when the certainty of that future is called into question, people and communities respond in a variety of ways.

A recent response has been more active communications across the state. As Colorado and the nine individual basin roundtables step up to shape the future of water policy, they’ve also been opening their doors and taking to the streets. The goal is to keep stakeholders informed throughout the development of Colorado’s Water Plan and the respective Basin Implementation Plans. Whether you’re in tune to statewide water uses – agriculture, recreation, environment, municipal and industrial – or concerned about the demands specific to your river basin, there’s a flurry of activities waiting for you.

Visit to see how you can “Get Involved” and what’s happening in your “Community.” Whether it’s through surveys, social media or speakers’ bureaus, Colorado’s water community is taking action for public involvement. Check out the calendar for regular roundtable meetings and these upcoming special events:

2/24 – Yampa/White/Green public meeting in Meeker

2/26 – South Platte/Metro public meeting in Fort Morgan

3/3 – South Platte/Metro public meeting in Denver

3/5 – South Platte/Metro public meeting in Longmont

3/6 – Statewide Basin Roundtable Summit

3/19 – South Platte/Metro public meeting in Fairplay

3/25 – North Platte public meeting in Walden

4/22-24 – Arkansas River Basin Water Forum in La Junta

Many others TBA!

CFWE is proud to facilitate the Public Education, Participation and Outreach Workgroup of the Interbasin Compact Committee. Contact Kristin Maharg for more information or leave a comment below on how you are involved in our water future!


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