From Water 2012 into 2013

water2013Happy New Year!! 2012, Colorado’s Year of Water has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean that all we loved about Water 2012 is going to disappear. Does it?

Last year we saw children and adults alike sporting Water 2012 themed shirts at watershed festivals all across the state; newspapers and radio stations running weekly columns and specials on water, like this one, reached at least 100,000 readers and listeners; more than 3,000 Coloradans heard talks about water through the Speakers Bureau; educational displays on water traveled to libraries and museums across the state. Don’t forget, the Your Water Colorado Blog (the one you’re reading) started one year ago! And the list goes on– it’s been quite a year.

Well done! But let’s not get stuck reminiscing about the good old days. Many of the programs you loved in 2012 will continue into 2013– like this blog, it’s not going anywhere.

water2012savethedate bottomJoin Water 2012 partners and volunteers at a luncheon on Wednesday January 30th at the Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention to discuss lessons learned in 2012,next steps and to share thoughts on some of the programs that should continue in the coming year. Save the date or register!

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