Water 2012 Book Club at Colorado Water Congress 2012–Video Available!

“Water is too important to fight over,” said Water 2012 Book Club author Patty Limerick during last week’s Colorado Water Congress 2012 Annual Convention after amending a famous quote that, according to Limerick should say that whiskey is for drinking and water is sometimes for fighter over but is also for cooperating, negotiating, sharing and more.

Limerick along with Book Club authors George Sibley, Craig Childs and Jonathan Waterman brought our Water 2012 Book Club to life on Thursday and Friday giving compelling and inspiring talks on water history, characters, adventure, beauty and key issues. Through their talks they captured the many reasons why we’re celebrating water in 2012.

“I look for these points of water that draw your attention because they are so crucial,” said Childs referring to the rare beautiful tinajas, pools, waterfalls, reservoirs and other water sources in the desert Southwest. “I want to remind you of these small places because I’m sure you have them… beautiful places of water.” He went on to recognize the many water professionals in attendance, “I wanted to thank you for what you do– protecting this one small pool of water.”

If you missed the talks, or want to relive them, watch the video recording of Childs and Waterman here and prepare for further online discussion of the featured 2012 books, beginning with Waterman and McBride’s the Colorado River Flowing Through Conflict tomorrow, February 1– here on Your Water Colorado Blog.

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