Headwaters Stories Step Off the Page

Headwaters Magazine UtilitiesAs the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s cornerstone publication, Headwaters reaches thousands of Coloradans each year through engaging and balanced storytelling. Numerous individuals and groups find it an effective educational tool to both increase awareness of water as a scarce resource and examine water-related values and uses.  The latest edition of Headwaters, Turning on the Tap, featuring water and wastewater utilities, is just out. Take a look!

In addition to reading the new magazine, Headwaters stories are soon to step off the page! CFWE is taking Headwaters on the road. A panel discussion this Thursday from 3:45-5 pm at the 2013 Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention will reveal the production process from conception to delivery. Journalists, sources and reviewers from the Winter 2013 utilities-focused issue and the Fall 2012 agriculture-focused issue will give a behind-the-scenes look at their at their articles. Register now so you, along with other conference attendees can hear how farming practices are evolving in the face of shrinking water supplies and take an inside look at the nuts and bolts of transporting water to and from the tap.

We expect a thoroughly interesting event. Look for future Headwaters events as CFWE brings the faces, voices and stories from the magazine’s pages to life.

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