In Appreciation of Alan Hamel

-Scott Lorenz and Patrick Wells

Alan Hamel, Executive Director of the Pueblo Board of Water Works, was the recent recipient of the Bob Appel “Friend of the Arkansas” Award which got us thinking about how this giant in the water industry has affected our careers.   From the vantage point of our short time in the water business it is almost impossible to fathom that Alan has worked in the same field for 50 years.   During that time he has come to be known not for just what he has accomplished (which is  a lot) but equally  for how he has done it.  Alan is known in many Colorado water circles for his calm quiet demeanor, his ability to bring people together, and his ability to work on his vision for the future while managing the immediate.  Alan often mentions “stick-to-it-tiveness” as being critical to success in the Colorado water business.  In addition, we would add that his honesty and integrity are traits that leaders any field would do well to emulate.  So, will we have 50 year careers in the water business?  That’s hard to say.  What we can hope for is that our careers in some small way live up to ideals embodied in Alan’s.

Congratulations to Alan both for the award and for an amazing career!

Do you have an Alan story or has he played a special role in your career?  If so add it to the blog.

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