Introducing Water Education Colorado

The Colorado Foundation for Water Education, first founded in 2002 by an act of the state legislature, is introducing a new outlook that comes with a new name: Water Education Colorado.

Tasked with the mission to help Coloradans understand that water is a limited resource and to help them make informed decisions, the organization’s next chapter aims to engage and inform more Colorado residents by building on the programs and trust it has developed among the water community over the last 15 years.

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The reason Water Education Colorado is investing in growing its audience is simple, says executive director Jayla Poppleton. “Water is the state’s most precious resource. And it’s a huge part of why Colorado is such a great place to live. It’s too important for more Coloradans not to know more about it.”

Poppleton says she and her Board of Directors believe more people can and should benefit from the organization’s independent, collaborative, and statewide approach—and with that knowledge help contribute to a sustainable future for Colorado’s water.

“Water doesn’t have to be intimidating. No matter one’s knowledge base, from layperson to professional, there’s always more to learn,” says Poppleton. “When people come hungry for quality information and programs at any level, they’ll still find us right here, ready to equip them with knowledge, relationships, and support to help them step in.”

“This is our commitment to improve and to impact more Coloradans.” 

Jayla Poppleton, Water Education Colorado Executive Director

In addition to keeping all of the organization’s existing programs in place, Water Education Colorado staff are initiating a few changes to make their programming more accessible, including:

  • A fresh layout and more inclusive content for Headwaters magazine this winter
  • An all-new website and URL in spring 2018, with more information relevant to all Coloradans
  • A series of informal, social water events around the state throughout the year

“We hope that our community will welcome these changes,” says Poppleton. “This is our commitment to improve and to impact more Coloradans.”

Water Education Colorado’s message to the community is that it fundamentally will be the same organization that its members and audiences have trusted and invested their time and resources in for the past 15 years. The organization will continue to serve as Colorado’s leading hub for water education. It will continue building bridges among people with diverse perspectives and value sets. They also plan to expand their reporting on Colorado water issues.

“We’ll continue training water leaders and equipping decision makers—all while doing more to engage the general public,” says Poppleton. “We can’t wait to welcome more people into our community as Water Education Colorado.”

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