It’s Fix a Leak Week

It’s happening! Fix a Leak Week is March 17-23, as declared annually by the Environmental Protection Agency. We all know that leaks are wasteful (of both water and your money) and have no real value. Household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. From the City of Brighton’s blog:

“Leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water in an average home every year – enough water to wash nearly 10 months’ worth of laundry,” said Dawn Hessheimer, Brighton’s Water Resource Specialist. “As a WaterSense partner, we are encouraging consumers to find and fix leaks to save water in our community.”

And from Fort Collins Utilities:

A dripping faucet, commonly caused by worn washers and gaskets, wastes approximately 3 gallons a day and is typically easy to repair. Leaky toilets are often silent and can easily go undetected. To check for silent leaks, add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet tank and wait 15 minutes before flushing. If dye appears in the bowl, there is a leak. Toilet leaks are typically the result of a worn toilet flapper, an inexpensive and relatively easy part to replace.

Join the EPA and folks across the country in checking and fixing plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems. You can fix those leaks yourself, or attend workshops, events and take advantage of discounts and giveaways around the state to learn more such as:

  • Live in Denver? Denver Water suggests replacing your old toilet with the help of a Denver Water rebate
  • Get in touch with the Center for ReSource Conservation to participate in their Slow the Flow program and receive a water audit. Sign up on their website here
  • Contact a WaterSense partner to inspect your irrigation system– you’ll find partners around the country
  • The City of Thornton provides indoor water audit kids and water checkups to customers. But this week, if you happen to be in Thornton, watch for garbage trucks with a variety of clever conservation signs and messages. Learn more about the City of Thornton Water here 
  • Patterson Plumbing, based in Pueblo, is offering free plumbing inspections and leak detection searches for homeowners. Check out their blog here
  • Colorado Springs Utilities is partnering with Jack Quinn’s Irish Bar to host a Chasing Down Leaks and Fix a Leak Week booth at Jack Quinn’s local weekly 5k running club TODAY March 18th. Visit CSU’s booth for toilet leak detectors, Fix a Leak Week materials, rebate information and more. Learn more about CSU’s Fix A Leak program here
  • Look for more tips and background in the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Conservation. This popular guide is now on sale just in time for Fix a Leak Week!

What else is happening around our state for Fix a Leak Week? Tell us! And share what you are doing to conserve water.

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