The Lifeblood of West Slope Agriculture

The Rossi Family, Rossi Ranches in Yampa, Colorado.

“Agriculture is really the lifeblood and the essence of Routt County, and Colorado too,” says Belinda Rossi of Rossi Ranches in Yampa, Colorado. Hear what agriculture and water for agriculture mean for the West Slope agriculture in a video series, created by the Routt County Conservation District.

The first video debuted early this summer, created to catch the momentum  of Colorado’s Water Plan, and to discover what water means to agriculture on Colorado’s West Slope. The Routt County Conservation District spoke with farm and ranching families about the history of agriculture in Colorado and what it means for the entire state. Watch it here, stay tuned for more videos, and read and comment on Colorado’s Water Plan by visiting—final comments are due by September 17, before the plan in finalized in December 2015.

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