Two Programs, One Goal

Water Education Colorado (WEco) has two leadership programs that I have the privilege of managing. The two programs are very different in format and audience, but both serve a very important purpose for the future of our water resources in Colorado. The collective goal of our leadership programs is to create informed leaders who are equipped to lead with confidence.

The Water Fluency Program is a program designed to increase your water knowledge with a target audience of anyone who is making decisions around water or has a water component to their job, but does not have a solid understanding of water in Colorado.

The Water Leaders Program is a professional development program built upon the foundation of emotional intelligence with a target audience of water professionals who are already established water professionals in Colorado.

I like to describe the two programs like this… Water Fluency is for community leaders who are looking to boost their water skills, while Water Leaders is for water professionals looking to boost their leadership skills.

The 2021 Water Leaders Program kicks-off next week on May 27th with the first of four two-day sessions. The program attracts many ambitious and talented water professionals to apply, but only sixteen participants are selected to be in the program. Our selected sixteen have been doing their pre-session assignments and preparing for our first two days together. Get to know our 2021 Water Leaders Class by reading their biographies.

The 2021 Water Fluency Program does not start until July 27th, but planning is well underway and registration for the program is almost complete. This program admits 35 participants each year and is first come first serve until the class is full (the Water Leaders application and selection process are more involved and comprehensive). The class is almost full, but there is still space so register soon if you are interested in boosting your water fluency this summer!

To date, we have graduated 190 people from our Water Leaders Program and 165 people from our Water Fluency Program and we have no intention of stopping there! We know that the future of our water is brighter because of our committed and passionate leadership program graduates!

Stephanie Scott is the Leadership Programs Manager for Water Education Colorado. In this capacity she manages the Water Leaders Program and the Water Fluency Program. She has been with WEco for four years.

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