Fall 2014: Eastern Plains

Fall 2014: Eastern Plains

Colorado’s High Plains, on the edge of the continent’s Great Plains, rises from east to west as the landscape meets the Rockies’ foothills. Explore the issues that are vital to this large region, which encompasses more than one-third of our state. Read about struggles to make the Ogallala Aquifer’s groundwater last; learn about strides in irrigation efficiency and technology; and understand the biggest threats to drinking water quality and health affecting plains communities. Flip through or download the issue here.



Out on the Eastern Plains

October 2, 2014 by Joshua Zaffos

The Centennial State’s Rocky Mountain high, followed by its urban Front Range corridor, gives way to its flatter eastern tier–a sweeping plains region working to preserve hard-won livelihoods that are anything but plain.

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In Pursuit of Clean Water
by Caitlin Coleman
Plains communities struggle to bring water supplies in line with shifting state standards.
Colorado’s Created Wetlands
by Caitlin Coleman
One upside of irrigated agriculture’s “waste water”; Models in trading and moving water to aid wildlife.
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