Fall 2022: The Federal Nexus

The Federal Nexus Issue

There’s a federal role in all things water in Colorado. But climate change and aridification, the Colorado River crisis, a historic influx of federal funding, and other pressure points are freshly emphasizing the important relationship between federal authorities and Colorado’s water resources. View a flipbook of the issue or read articles below.

A New Wave of Water Investment

November 2022 by Thy Anh Vo

New legislation brings historic investment in water and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the state. Now Colorado agencies and communities are ramping up efforts to secure the funds, in direct competition with other states.

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Working with the Feds
November 30, 2022 by Elizabeth Miller
From interstate water sharing to Endangered Species Act compliance, Colorado water management relies on federal, state and local players working together. With much of this work on the precipice of change, will that balance continue?
From Dam Builder to Water Manager
by Olivia Emmer
As climate change brings aridification to the West, the reclamation projects that shaped water use across Colorado could be entering a new era, with a future that looks nothing like the past.
Redefining WOTUS — Again
by Elizabeth Miller
The Clean Water Act could soon have a new scope, for the fourth time in the past seven years, as the U.S. Supreme Court and the EPA consider which waters should be protected.

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