Summer 2018: What Does A Stream Need?

Stream Management Planning

At the heart of Colorado’s current swell in stream management planning is a goal to uncover what the state’s rivers need to stay healthy and, in places, to sustain recreation. Many communities, though, are also collecting social data on water users’ goals. Spurred by an infusion of state funding, Colorado coalitions, towns, and entire basins are making progress on local plans that focus on the lifeblood of any community—the river. View or download a flipbook of the magazine here or read articles below.

Best-Laid Plans

July 24, 2018 by Kelly Bastone

With a stream management planning boom underway across the state, communities are assessing river health to determine how to keep their waterways healthy.

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Water and Weed
by Joshua Chetwynd
Marijuana farmers and water administrators face a common challenge: working together.
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