Podcast: Water Justice – at the confluence of environmental and social justice

Water Justice: what is it? WEco teamed up with American Rivers to contribute to an episode of their podcast, We Are Rivers.

In this episode, we talk with two experts in the field of environmental justice, Alicia Smith, Associate Director for Policy and Community Engagement Director at Freshwater Future and Kelsea Macilroy, instructor and PhD Candidate in the Sociology Department at Colorado State University. We discuss the different facets of environmental justice, examine injustices surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlight the importance of clean, accessible water for public health. Alicia and Kelsea share salient examples of the challenges communities are facing when it comes to water justice, and the ways that they’re engaging in solutions-oriented, participatory democracy to map a path forward. Join us on We Are Rivers for this critical conversation about the confluence of environmental justice and water equity.

Photo Credit: Shoelace Park on the Bronx River, NY; Charles R Berenguer Jr

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