Water Leaders Application Information Page

WEco will be accepting applications for the 2020 program between November 15, 2019 and January 10, 2020. Acceptance into the program will be announced on February 28th. The 2020 program schedule is outlined below, and attendance at all program days is mandatory.

Session 1: April 6-7, Greeley
Session 2: May 28-29, Redstone
Session 3: July 9-10, Salida
Session 4: August 20-21, Denver (Graduation celebration with family, friends and colleagues on August 21)

Interested, but want to know more?

We hosted an informational webinar on December 17 for interested applicants. If you missed this webinar you can watch the recording here. This webinar was hosted by the two program facilitators, Stephanie Scott (WEco) and Cheryl Benedict (MORF Consulting). It  covered an overview of the Water Leaders Program, what to expect for the 2020 class, dates/locations and themes of each session, tuition/scholarships, and more. On this webinar you will also hear from two graduates from the 2019 Water Leaders class about their experience in the program. We wrapped up this webinar with a Q&A session but please reach out if you have any additional questions about the program.

Application Materials

To be considered for the program you must submit a completed application by January 10, 2020. A completed application will include the following:

1) Completed online application: The application for the program will need to be completed on Survey Monkey (Link to
application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2020WLApps To preview the entire application, download the PDF here.
*Please note that you can’t save your answers along the way. Please use the PDF to prepare your answers before entering them into SurveyMonkey.

2) Two references: You are required to provide two letters of recommendation by January 10, 2020. Those letters should be
emailed to Stephanie Scott at stephanie@wateredco.org by the references, not the applicant. (Letters can be mailed if email is not an option to the WEco office.) Please note that according to Water Education Colorado’s policy, our board members may not submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of any applicant.

3) Tuition Payment Letter of Intent: If a sponsoring organization(s) or your employer will be paying all or a portion of your tuition, then
you must submit a letter from that sponsoring agency to demonstrate how payment will be made. If you are paying for the program
personally we do not need this letter to complete your application. These letters should be emailed or mailed (to WEco office) to Stephanie Scott at stephanie@wateredco.org by January 10, 2020. Payment plans can be arranged if needed after you are accepted
into the program.

Program admission is based on competitive criteria in order to maximize each participant’s experience and ensure program diversity. Please note that a maximum of one participant per employer will be admitted each year. Our Water Leaders admissions committee reviews and selects participants through a multi-step scoring process that considers competitive criteria, including demonstrated commitment to Colorado water, leadership potential, program readiness, and geographic and professional diversity.

Minimum Requirements to Apply 

Proven Past Commitment: The Water Leaders Program is designed for individuals who have already begun to establish themselves in the water profession. Applicants should have at least three years of work experience in a water-related field, but there is no upper-year limit. Water Leaders will benefit professionals who have spent any duration working in the water profession beyond three years.

Proven Future Commitment:
 Applicants should identify a desire to continue their work in the water profession and demonstrate a commitment to help grow and advance the water sector in Colorado by providing leadership and expertise.

Proven “Sphere of Influence:” 
WEco defines Sphere of Influence as an individual’s power to impact the water sector in Colorado either by managing staff/projects/programs, working closely with a network of external partners outside of your organization, working to influence high-level decision makers, or other job-related connections that elevate your voice in the water sector.

Colorado Focused: Applicants should be Colorado residents who work primarily in Colorado.

Full Engagement: Participants must be ready to engage deeply in the Water Leaders process including by honestly answering self-assessments, accepting critical feedback from class participants and peer networks, investing time in personal reflection, and being willing to adapt and change personal and professional interactions to become a more efficient and effective leader.

100% Commitment: Participants are expected to be fully invested in the program through attendance at all in-person training sessions, participation in all coaching and cohort calls/meetings, and completion of all inter-session assessments and homework assignments.

Program Highlights

• Uniquely flexible for water professionals with all experience levels
• Core focus on individual growth and leadership development
• Extensive training in managing effectively, navigating conflict and diversity, leading self and others, and problem-solving
• Plus self-assessment, executive coaching, networking opportunities and application of learning to water issues statewide

Please review the Water Leaders FAQ Document to learn more about the program and download the program flyer.


Thanks to support from the Colorado Water Conservation Board and other program sponsors, Water Leaders tuition is just $3,500 for four two-day training sessions, six individual assessments, six hours of one-on-one executive coaching, individual guidance from WEco staff, and all meals during each of the eight training session days. Participants should factor in additional costs for lodging and transportation for program sessions. WEco will organize group discounts at a single hotel for each session to keep travel costs low, but please budget about $140 per night for a hotel as needed. Staying in the group hotel is not required, but highly recommended.


To help cover travel costs or part of tuition, a limited number of partial scholarships may be available each session. These are highly competitive and based on both need and merit. Please complete the Financial Obligation section of the Water Leaders application on Survey Monkey to be considered for a scholarship. You will need to submit a 100-word statement describing your need for a scholarship.

Please email Stephanie Scott with any questions about the Water Leaders Program or call 303-377-4433.