On the road again…

Maharg head shotBy Kristin Maharg, Program Manager, CFWE

Someone recently noted to me that it’s obvious I love water tours. It’s true… nothing is more satisfying than spending months of research, planning, fundraising, communication and logistics, to have it all crystallize into a powerful learning experience. I’ve developed dozens of tours over the past five years while at CFWE, and whether our mode of travel is bus, boat or bike, my enthusiasm never dulls for getting people out of the office, into the field and connecting with each other. What a unique professional opportunity to understand and express the value of water!

Today, the CFWE gang is tooling around Douglas County where we’ll explore the nuances between land use planning and water supply development. With the recent flood disaster along the northern Front Range, this particular tour is timely as to how we adapt to Colorado’s semi-arid climate and its related extremes. Just a few months ago, we were parched with varying levels of drought. Now I ask, how capable are our lawns, crops and rivers of holding so little or so much water? It’s those very floods that carved the canyons and fertilized the valleys, but  with human settlement and growth, we are challenged with re-thinking how we design and sustain our cities, infrastructure and environment.


2012 South Metro Tour participants peeking into the ponds at Plum Creek Wastewater Authority

CFWE’s Land & Water Tour on September 27 is taking a critical look at the risks inherent in that very question. We’re bringing together diverse sides of the issue – from economic development to regional planning to water supply strategies – to learn how experts in the South Metro Area are making the most efficient use of resources while thriving as a community. I’m personally excited to geek out at Castle Rock’s brand new water purification facility on Plum Creek plus hear from a few unusual suspects. We make dozens of new friends on each tour, and I expect today’s crew to be just as lively and dedicated to Colorado’s water future. Get inspired to join us on the next one!

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