Tell it true and edible

Let’s get the week off to an unusual start with a poem from Justice Greg Hobbs. Hobbs, a CFWE Board member, shares this poem after a recent trip to Botswana and South Africa.

Inspired to see some of these animals here in Colorado? There’s always the zoo… learn about water at the zoo here. Do you enjoy Justice Hobbs’ poetry? If you missed it, check out Colorado Mother of Rivers– a poem and rap.

Tell It True And Edible, Greg Hobbs 9/14/2013

Photos by Greg and Bobbie Hobbs and Leigh and Mike Wilson

Cheetah’s fast, but can’t climb trees,


Leopard hangs his kill aloft


Hyenas hear the warthog’s squeal

Chase the leopard off;


Lioness will crouch and still,


Impala cross in fleet review


Male lion will supervise

Her choice of his next meal;

male lion

Rhino marks his boundaries

In piles of dung and urine spray,rhino

Elephant will knock down trees


For tasty strip beneath the bark;


Dwarf Mongoose will dwell within

Shattered branches cast aside,

dwarf mongoose

Wild Dogs rejoice in ganging up

wild dogs

Hippos move in pools of eyes;


Cape Buffalo wears a judge’s wig

cape buffalo

Vervet Monkey face of regal blue

vervet monkey

Water Buck a target for a rear

water buck

Jackal takes advantage.


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