Mother of Rivers Water Rap and Poem

Colorado Mother of RiversYou’re in for a treat! Have you read Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs’ inspired water poetry? You’ll find one of his poems below written in 2003 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the instream flow law.  Over the past few months that poem has been converted into a rap by Jorge Figueroa, beats by Tristan Giallani and poem by Justice Greg Hobbs.  Listen and please share!

Justice Hobbs has also generously made his book of poems available for free download. Find that in our online store.


By Justice Greg Hobbs
When I was young the waters sang
of being here before I am,
of falling sweet and soft and slow
to berry bog and high meadow.
And held me in her lap and cooed
the willow roots, the gaining pools,
and called me through bright dappled grass
and called me O, My Shining One;
And shaped a bed to lay me on
and played the flute so high and clear.
And shape the stones to carry me,
when I am young and full of fight
for roaring here and roaring there,
for pouring torrents in the air.
When I am young as mountain snow
in crag and cleft and cracked window;
I call the green-backed cutthroat trout,
I call the nymph and hellgrammite,
I call the hatch to catch a wind,
I call upon the mountain track;
I call the scarlet to the jaw
as morning calls her own hatchlings,
call Yampa, White, the Rio Grande,
San Juan, the Platte, the Arkansas.
(in celebration of the 30th year
of Colorado’s instream flow law)

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