Volunteer with a Watershed Group for MLK Day

-Adrian Uzunian, OSM/VISTA Leader, Western Hardrock Watershed Team

Watershed groups across Colorado are gearing up for a “day on, not a day off,” to volunteer on Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Federal holiday. The MLK Day of Service is an event in which AmeriCorps VISTAs across the nation are encouraged to participate the Corporation for National and Community Service in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Rather than taking the national holiday off, VISTA asks its members to serve their communities in honor of Dr. King – a challenge that has been eagerly accepted by the Western Hardrock Watershed Team (WHWT). 

WHWT is a coalition of community/watershed improvement groups confronting the inherited environmental and social challenges that afflict rural communities in the mining belt of the American West. WHWT places OSM/VISTA volunteers with watershed improvement groups across Colorado and New Mexico, there are currently 19 WHWT  OSM/VISTAs serving Colorado, all of whom will be participating in the MLK Day of Service.

This day of service is a great way for community members to get involved with their local watershed groups. WHWT’s partner sites organize volunteer events throughout the year, which give participants a great way to give back to their communities and get involved in water issues in their area. This MLK Day, you may not have to go to work, but consider finding out what your local community/watershed group is doing to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and get involved.

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