Fall 2015: Great American River

The Colorado River Redefined

In this issue, explore a defining moment on the Colorado, fact check some assumptions about the river, and read about ways that Colorado is taking proactive steps to shore up contingency plans for water shortage. View or download the flipbook for the Colorado River Basin issue here or read articles below.

A Defining Moment on the Colorado River

October 1, 2018 by Jerd Smith

Revered and manipulated, cherished and disregarded, the Colorado is a lifeline and an overallocated system exacerbated by drought. It’s also our chance to rise.

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Bound by a River
October 1, 2015 by Jerd Smith
As states and nations that share the Colorado River, our futures are inextricably linked, and so must be our solutions.
To Serve and Extend
by Caitlin Coleman
Colorado readies itself for an unknown future, taking proactive steps to shore up contingency plans before all bets are off.
by Nelson Harvey
Assumptions about the Colorado River, fact-checked.
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