Fall 2016: Renewing Trust In the Safety of Public Water

Safe Water and Public Health

This issue introduces the law and policy governing safe drinking water, then takes a close look at how public health concerns related to as-yet-unregulated contaminants are monitored and evaluated. View or download the flipbook for this magazine here or read articles below.


The Rural Water Conundrum

Oct 2, 2016 by Nelson Harvey

In rural Colorado, water providers struggle to provide clean drinking water, keep up with shifting regulations and pay for advanced treatment, while the individuals on private wells go it alone. 

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Setting the Standard
October 2, 2016 by Samantha Tisdel Wright
Water quality standards ensure safe drinking water, but do they go far enough?
Water on Repeat
by Allen Best
Opportunities for increased water reuse weight against health risks and public perception.
Leading on Lead
by Caitlin Coleman
In the aftermath of the Flint lead disaster, certain regulations keep us safe from our own home plumbing, but some are considering where they come up short.
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